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Eligibility and Applications


All students are encouraged to apply and some may qualify for a DPI scholarship.


Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Funded Programs

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction provides scholarships for qualified students to participate in the AIM, TEACHER EDUCATION, ESTEEM, SOCIAL JUSTICE, WYN & YES Programs.  Recipients for a DPI PreCollege Scholarship are limited to those who participate in the free or reduced rate lunch program at their school. The scholarship covers full payment for each of the programs (except SMARTS; UW System funded program) and includes tuition, meals, lodging, supplies, insurance fees and activity fees.

If you do not qualify for the DPI Scholarship, please click here to see the program costs.


University of Wisconsin (UW) System Funded Program

The University of Wisconsin System funds the SMARTS program through the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Students enrolled at one of the following Milwaukee Public middle schools are eligible for the SMARTS Program: La Causa Charter School, Lincoln Center of the Arts, Milwaukee School of Languages or Hmong American Peace Academy (still pending). Students who meet eligibility criteria will have all costs (with the exception of the $10 application fee) covered through the UW System Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion funding source.

This institution will comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and DPI's Nondiscrimination provision for all students.


DPI Funded Applications

To apply for AIM, APPLE, ESTEEM, PEP, WYN and/or YES Programs please download the following forms:


UW System Funded Program (SMARTS)

To apply for the SMARTS Program, please download the following forms:


Please contact Guadalupe Salinas, Program Coordinator at (920) 424-2115 if you have any questions.

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