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Jarrett Kellan

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Jarrett Kellan

Jarrett Kellan

Age: 36
Senior (graduating in May 2011)
Hometown: Negaunee, Mich.
Major: Political science

Transfer student Jarret Kellan chose political science by accident when he came to UW Oshkosh. 

“I used to be an engineering major, and when I came here I tried to enroll in biology, but it was full,” Kellan said. “I picked political science because I have always had an interest in current affairs and government.” 

Kellan said he would like to pursue a career in public administration, because it is important to understand how government works and how society reacts to government policy. 

“I think with a career in public administration you’re a civil servant,” Kellan said. “Everything you do represents the better good for society, so I think it’s important to really understand how your role benefits or affects society.”

Kellan’s political science courses have given him more insight into how the political process works, as well as more insight into what he believes.

“I definitely have a better understanding of the major issues instead of what I hear from the news,” Kellan said. “I can understand it (current affairs) on a much deeper level on both the domestic and global scale. I’ve definitely learned a lot more about myself, and I realize that a lot of my prior thought processes were just flat-out false. I was believing a lot of rhetoric that wasn’t really true and now I kind of have enough information to develop my own independent thoughts, as opposed to relying on someone else.”

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