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Bethany Lerch

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Bethany Lerch

Bethany Lerch

Age: 22
Graduated in May 2009
Hometown: Oshkosh, WI
Major: German and International Studies with an emphasis in political science
Currently: MLitt candidate at the University of Saint Andrews, UK

UW Oshkosh alumna Bethany Lerch is currently pursuing a master of letters in terrorism studies at the University of Saint Andrews in the United Kingdom.  Lerch said she would like to work in a position for the federal government and do something active that requires engaging with many people.  

“Back in 2008, I had the opportunity to work as an intern at the Pentagon, a summer that continues to motivate me,” Lerch said. “While I would really like to go back to the defense department or to the state department, I am currently applying to a number of federal agencies within the intelligence and law enforcement communities.”  

In her future career, Lerch said she believes she will be writing and reading a great deal, which she did in her political science courses.  "I was compelled to read a great deal and then be responsible for those readings for the following class. I was also expected to be able to write effectively,” Lerch said. “As a graduate student in an intensive program, I am assigned 40 hours of reading outside of class each week and have only two graded opportunities to prove myself.”  

Lerch said she felt her interaction with the political science department was different from other departments because the professors displayed a definite openness and willingness to help.  “I felt like I was respected not just as a student but as a person and worked decidedly harder for my political science classes in comparison to others,” said Lerch.  

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