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Jacob Cochran

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Jacob Cochran

Jacob Cochran

Age: 21
Hometown: Kewaskum, WI
Major: Broadfield social science
Minor: History

Senior Jacob Cochran plans on using his broadfield social science major to teach high school or middle school social sciences and said his political science introductory courses gave him the foundation he needs to teach. “All of the professors that I’ve had do their best to encourage students to participate in current politics or at least read into it and encourage an understanding of what is going on in the world,” said Cochran.

In his political science courses, Cochran was taught how to prepare for discussion and then allowed to lead discussions about topics he was concerned about.  “The professor gave us the tools to be prepared for the discussions we were going to have and then really allowed the class to discuss,” Cochran said. “I really liked that the class was going to go where we wanted it to go, as opposed to just the lecture format.”

Cochran said his political science courses allowed him to develop his own opinions and understand why he believed certain things.  “My political film class really gave me the opportunity to investigate a subject, find out my own position on it and then formulate my opinion on it, and then debate that with other people as opposed to going along with what other people say,” Cochran said. “It really encouraged me to go deeper and investigate things for myself, read into things and then interpret them based on my own values and opinions.”

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