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Study Abroad

Study abroad students with Dr. Jasinski and Dr. Pilnik to Poland and German, 2014 

To assist Political Science majors interested in participating in The Jewish Question in European Politics, a 6-credit study abroad program offered by Professor Michael Jasinski and Dr. Shay Pilnik that will take students to Poland and Germany, the Department of Political Science is offering $100 per student to offset half the cost of the application fee.

The courses offered will be History 333, The Holocaust, and Political Science 312, The Jewish Question in European Politics. The places which we'll visit include the Auschwitz concentration camp, the Oskar Schindler factory, and many other related sites. They help explain the long and tortuous political development of Europe over the last several centuries as seen through the prism of one of Europe's most vulnerable minorities, namely the Jews. The objectives of the courses include understanding the place and role of the Jews in European societies, the path that ultimately led to the Holocaust, and the lessons drawn from that tragedy which have been incorporated into the contemporary European political systems and are reflected in the European integration project. 

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