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Pre-Law Checklist

*The following list is a RECOMMENDED agenda to help organize your process of preparing for law school




_______ Consult with a Pre-Law Peer Advisor (Sage 4642) and with the Pre-Law Faculty Advisor (Jerry Thomas)

_______ Strengthen your critical reading, writing and logical reasoning skills by taking classes that are reading and writing intensive.

_______ Work to strengthen your GPA, but do not pad the GPA with "soft" courses. 




_______ Investigate potential law schools early. Consider the school's admission statistics, ranking, specialties, size, location, and costs.  

_______ Consider which faculty members you will ask to provide letters of recommendation. Law schools value letters of recommendation from faculty that know your work well. 

_______ Begin LSAT preparation by becoming knowledgeable about the test's format and question types. Consider a variety of information including LSAT preparation books, sample LSAT exams, and LSAT preparation courses. 

_______ Consult the Law School Admission Counsel website for LSAT registration, fees, deadlines, and testing center locations. (

_______ Register to take the LSAT the summer between your junior and senior year. The LSAT is offered in the months of June, October, December and February. 




_______ Review law schools’ information. Complete law school applications and scholarship/financial aid forms. Photocopy all forms before mailing. Keep a record of all correspondence you receive from each law school. Keep close attention to due dates for these forms. 

_______ Begin asking for letters of recommendation from faculty and other individuals who are very familiar with your work and academic potential. To ensure quality letters, make your request at least 4-6 weeks before they are due. Provide your recommenders with the following information in package form: 

_______ LSAT scores if available. 

_______ Most recent copy of your academic transcript. 

_______ Typed resume that summarizes your academic and work experience. Make sure to include all academic honors, community service, special projects and clubs and organizations of which you are a member. 

_______ List of law schools to which you are applying 

_______ If you are not happy with your LSAT score, you still have time to retake the test in October. 

_______ Write your personal statement/essay. Pay close attention to each law school's directions for how the essay should be prepared and the information they request. The personal statement is not a "one size fits all" essay. Consult with the Pre-Law adviser and Career Services. Pay close attention to grammar and writing style. 

________ Send your college transcripts to LSDAS. Remember to include transcripts from all colleges or universities where you have taken a class. 

_______ Register with LSAC to consolidate all academic materials for the application process.

_______ Check LSAC to make sure applications are complete.  You may need to send recommenders a reminder about letters.

________ All application and financial aid materials should be sent by early December if entirely possible. 



_______ Thank your letter writers

_______ Notification of acceptance, wait-listing, or rejection can be as early as a few weeks or as much as six months.  Be patient.

_______ Once, accepted, most schools require a tuition deposit to reserve your seat.  Be mindful of the deposit and deadlines.

_______ Be courteous and notify schools where you have been accepted that you will be attending elsewhere. Inform your Pre-Law adviser of your results and your decision. 

_______ After graduating, send your final academic transcript to the law school of your choice. 

_______ Send an e-mail to the Alumni Office informing them of your choice of law school. The university is proud of you and would like to keep a record of distinguished graduates. 


Contact List:

Pre-Law Faculty Advisor

Jerry Thomas –

Career Services Advisor

Mai Nhia Xiong -







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