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Process for advising


All the members of the Department of Political Science at UW Oshkosh are devoted to ensuring that students have a positive, productive, and empowering experience in their time with us.  To that end, we encourage students to seek the advice of faculty members and the Academic Department Associate early and often. 

Professors are available for advising sessions during office hours or at other times by appointment, but here are some general rules about working your way through the major and tips that you might find useful.  There are four main divisions of Political Science:  American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations and Political Theory. 

Majors must take an introductory course in each of the first three areas and a 300 level course in all four areas.  Majors must also take Political Methodology (PS 245) and our Senior Capstone course (PS 401).  That accounts for a total of 27 credits, as each course counts for three credits.  Then all you need is three more courses to round out the major, two of which must be at the 300 level. 

Keep the following general advice in mind:


  • get to know your professors; in political science we strive to be approachable and helpful
  • ideally all 100 level classes should be completed in the early years of your major
  • take 245 before you take most of your 300 level classes; as you should find it helpful
  • take a variety of professors; be thirsty for knowledge in all areas
  • save papers with comments - you will want some to include in your Political Science 401 portfolio
  • Once our courses are filled please meet with instructor for consent to add into course.

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