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Student Awards

Chancellor's Award for Excellence


The Political Science Department has produced five winners of the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in 2014-2015, the highest award given to graduating students at UW Oshkosh. This year Gideon Bernthal, Derek Brown, Dustin Hackbarth, Steven Thompson, and Hallie Turnbull will be honored with this campus-wide distinction. The criteria for the award are primarily academic, but the student must also show exceptional commitment to their community. In addition to being among our most outstanding students in the classroom, they have also engaged in an impressive array of community service during their college years.


Political Science Scholarship



Every year since 2012 the Political Science Department has awarded an outstanding senior -to-be a scholarship. The criteria considered are excellence in scholarship across all four subfields (American, Theory, Comparative, International Relations) and financial needs.  "This year's winner of our Senior Scholarship is Rachel Hickson.  Congratulations Rachel!        

New this year to the Political Science Department is the Emerging Scholar award. The criteria considered are excellence in scholarship across all four subfields (American, Theory, Comparative, International Relations) and and fewer than 75 credits.  "This year's winner of our Emerging Scholar is Molly Wirz. Congratulations Molly!        


Pi Sigma Honor Society

 Pi Sigma Alpha is the National Political Science Honor Society ( It is the only honor society for college and university students of government in the United States.

The following are the requirements for students interested in joining Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science Honor Society):

  • Must be a Political Science Major
  • Must have a 3.3 or above in Political Science Major and a 3.0 or above Cumulative GPA
  • Must have junior or senior standing
  • Must pay a one-time life membership fee of $35


Spring 2014 inductee and award winners:

2015 Inductees
Left to Right: Eric Wolfe, Steven Thompson, Hallie Turnbull, Jason, Neumeyer, Grayson Bourke, and Braden Lohr. Not shown above but inducted are: Amy Cruz, Dustin Hackbarth, and Jordan Schettle


If you are interested please contact Angelee Hammond - (920) 424-3456 or email If you need more information about the Honor Society please contact Jason Kalmbach, Advisor - (920) 424-3229 or email

Angelee Hammond 2


 2015 Pi Sigma Alpha inductees:

2014 Pi Sigma Alpha inductees: 

2013 Pi Sigma Alpha inductees:

Grayson Bourke

Amy Cruz

Dusin Hackbarth

Braden Lohr

Jason Neumeyer

Jordan Schettle

Steven Thompson

Hallie Turnbull

Eric Wolfe

Mathew Bastian

Gideon Bernthal

Derek Brown

Jamey Henning

Vincent Johnson

Patrick Mcdonald

Brian Merkel

Mike Moonde

Lindsey Newhauser

Austin Pipppin

David Sebstead

 Michelle Duren

Kent Ellis

Amber Horak

Kyla Karcz

Samuel Maier

Patrick McCorkle

Alex Phillips

Marissa Theys

Mathew Thom

Katelynn Updike

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