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Plone Slow Jog #4, Friday, August 1, 2008, IDEA Lab

by Nguyen, T. Kim last modified Aug 05, 2008 04:10 PM

also the initial meeting for the web technical working group

Plone Slow Jog #4, Friday, August 1, 2008, IDEA Lab

jogging and gasping

We would like to set up Slow Jog #4 next week, on Fri. Aug. 1, beginning at 9 am. 
The first part of the Slow Jog will be used to introduce the idea behind forming a web technical working group to discuss the technical aspects of Plone development and make recommendations about usability, user interface, and use cases. The technical working group will present those recommendations to the campus web steering committee once that committee has been formed. The recommendations will also be used to guide further Plone development work. 
We'd like to begin by presenting two products that Nathan has developed: 
  • for emergency message notification through the web
  • for image cropping and resizing

For each product we will present the use cases and will open the discussion for comments and suggestions for usability, user interface, and implementation strategies. 

If you would like to see other items presented or if you would like to make a presentation, please let me know. Once the presentations are over, I hope most of you will stay behind and continue working, in a group setting, on your Plone projects. 

Topic Ideas 

  • introduction: technical working group
  • Nathan's product for emergency RSS feed  (see the design document)
  • Nathan's product for image cropping/resizing 
  • Nathan's product for an image gallery slideshow 
  • Kim's sortable tables and registering views for existing content types 
  • brief demo of collective.workflowed (workflow editor) product 
  • Nathan's Best Coding Practices presentation
  • discussion on hosting issues: upgrading sites, how to distribute sites by Zope instance, by Data.fs
  • upcoming Penn State WebLion conference call: participants? dates?
  • Plone conference in DC Oct 6-12 - who's coming? 



  • add cloning feature
  • add alpha channel transparency
  • colour picker
  • drop the "use zoom" checkbox
  • add undo capability - use History tab or put buttons directly on this tab
  • add apply button separate from the save button's effect

Emergency product

  • different types of messages: some that cannot be dismissed
  • add link to the design document to the slow jog blog posting
  • which sites should be exempt from seeing these emergency messages? e.g. SMP, Wisc. Family Business Forum, IMSSS sites
  • real emergency messages maybe should appear at the top in red, while weather notices appear in a portlet on the side
  • tie together this with text messaging, email announcements


  • send Ezra how to customize portlet rss for shoptalk (header and more links are incorrect)
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