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Get help with a Plone web site issue

Please fill out this form if you need help with your Plone site.

When you are done and click the Submit button below, your issue report will be sent to the campus Plone support email list.  We will respond as quickly as possible! 


Common problems and resolutions

General Problems/Troubleshooting Tips
In general you may experience problems because of the browser or browser version you are using. Please try using a different browser first to see if that will address the issue. Updating your browser may also help.
I'm unable to log into the site 
Please check that you are using your NetID username and password. For example, if your campus email address is, your username is abc123.  If you made several unsuccessful login attempts on a Plone site, your NetID account has probably been locked.  To unlock your account, please contact the Academic Computing Help Desk at (920) 424-3020. 
I'm able to log in but don't seem to have edit permissions 
When you log into your site, try reloading the page; your browser cache may be interfering.  With Internet Exploder, hold down the Control key while clicking the browser's Reload button.  With any other browser, hold down the Shift key while clicking the browser's Reload button.  If that does not work, and you *are* supposed to have edit permission on that particular part of your web site, please proceed with filling out the form below.
I need to grant special permissions to another user
Please include in the problem description field below which user(s) need to be granted permissions, what sort of permissions they need (e.g. read, write, review), and on which portion of your site they need those permissions.
I'm receiving spam from the "contact-info" form on my site!
Every Plone site has a built-in "contact-info" form. Sometimes it is used by spammers to send advertising and links to the Plone site owner. Only the Plone site owner receives the emails sent by this form. If you are receiving spam submissions infrequently (e.g. a few times per week), a reasonable approach is simply to ignore and delete these emails. These spam submissions may come and go in waves. Malware cannot be transferred using this form or the resulting emails; unless you click on any links included in the spam submission, you run no risk.
I would like to add a feature to my site 
Please include in the problem description field below which feature you'd like to add to your site.  Some common features that are available: signup sheets, photo galleries, image "sliders", surveys, online forms, online forms with workflow, streaming Flash movies, and intranet folders.
I would like to add a huge video/file/picture to my site but it's not letting me 
We have had to set limits on the size of documents, pictures, movies, and files that can be uploaded to campus Plone sites.  Please see the how-to that addresses how to handle large objects.
if your problem isn't listed above
the web address of the page you were trying to view or edit

From a campus computer (but not on WIFI), you can paste error messages in our lodgeit and include its URL in your description below

Fill out the fields below only if the above User-Agent value is not the computer and browser you were using when you encountered the problem.

For Windows, use the Help -> About menu item. For Macs, use the Safari/Firefox/Chrome/Opera -> About menu item.


When you click the Submit button, your issue report will be sent to the campus Plone support email list.  We will respond as quickly as possible! 


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