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What Can You Do With a Plone Site?

by Nguyen, T. Kim last modified Mar 12, 2008 12:30 PM

Features of Plone

Plone is a very capable, fully featured web content management system.  Here are some of the things you can do with a Plone site, in no particular order:

  • create pages and folders and organize them as you wish
  • manage photos and photo galleries
  • upload files such as PDF, Word, and Excel
  • protect content (including but not limited to pages, folders, and files) so that only certain people or groups can view them or edit them
  • allow threaded comments on content
  • announce and promote news items and calendar events
  • publish RSS feeds of news, events, and the contents of any folder
  • all content management (addition, editing, permissions) is done through the web browser and easy to use editors; there is no need to install any software on the computer you want to use
  • remote access to manage your web site from any internet-accessible location
  • have these items on your site taken care of for you entirely automatically by the software: site map, site navigation, breadcrumbs, search engine, Google search optimization
  • display "portlets" showing calendar events, news items, and recent changes to the site
  • create an entirely private site (an "intranet") to be used for collaboration with colleagues, with shared editing of content
  • automatically maintained version history for most content types, showing who changed what and when, with the ability to revert to a particular version
  • automatic locking of pages to prevent inadvertent simultaneous editing
  • built-in compliance for accessibility standards (such as for screen readers and text-only browsers), cross-browser support, and internationalization
  • host surveys, polls, and online forms
  • track issues, such as project tasks, with email notification
  • rules that let you get notified when content changes on the site
  • blogging that generates a variety of RSS feeds and allows for trackbacks
  • keyword tagging on all content items
  • advanced search queries that can be reused and published as RSS feeds; search criteria include content type, author, date, content, and keywords, among many others
  • open a WebDAV connection to your site so that you can navigate through its content (folders, pages, and files) as if they were local to your computer (e.g., using Windows Explorer or Mac OS Finder); support for drag and drop of large numbers of files into and out of the site
  • optional SSL encryption of all traffic, and automatic SSL encryption of all logins
  • use the same login as you use to read your email
  • optionally specify an effective date and/or an expiry date on content, and have the system automatically determine when to show, then hide, that content

A comprehensive list of Plone sites in use on campus is available - click on the "Plone Projects" tab at the top of this page to see it.  Some of the project descriptions include screen shots, which you can also see by clicking on the "Screenshots" tab at the top of this page.

Here is a basic template of how your site will look to begin with.  From that starting point we are able to customize at least the following items:
  • logo
  • colour choices (base, background, mouseover highlighting)
  • font preferences
  • choice of portlets (calendar, news, events, etc.) in left or right columns
  • choice of layout type (fixed width, floating, fully expandable)

For other screen shots of Plone in use at UW Oshkosh, please see the screen shot gallery.

If you have additional needs or requirements please contact us.

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