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Script to find large objects in your Plone sites

by nguyen — published Nov 19, 2009 05:05 PM, last modified Aug 16, 2016 10:50 AM
Runs at the root of a Zope, identifies objects that have size in the MB or GB range


if not container.REQUEST.REMOTE_ADDR.startswith('141.233.'):
return ""

plone_site_search_depth = 3 # depth it will search, from the zope root, for plone sites def find_honking_files(plone): """ Steps: 1. look at Plone content types 2. look in portal skins """ pc = plone.portal_catalog brains = pc.searchResults({'portal_type' : ('Image', 'File', 'News Item') }) brains = list(brains) #brains.filter(lambda x : "MB" not in x.getObjSize) #brains.sort(lambda x, y : x.getObjSize > y.getObjSize) for b in brains: size = b.getObjSize if "MB" in size or "GB" in size: url = b.getURL() print "%s <a href='%s'>%s</a><br>" % (size, url, url) ps = plone.portal_skins def find_big_ones(current): found = [] for x in current.objectIds(): obj = current[x] if hasattr(obj, 'getContentType') and str(obj.getContentType()).strip().startswith('image'): size = (float(obj.get_size())/1024.0)/1024.0 if size > 1.0: print "%s MB : %s<br/>" % (str(size)[:4], if hasattr(obj, 'objectIds'): print find_big_ones(obj) return printed print find_big_ones(ps) return printed def get_plone_sites(): def find_it(current_context, depth): if depth == 0: return [] else: sites = [] for obj in current_context.objectIds(): site = current_context[obj] if hasattr(site, 'portal_type') and site.portal_type == 'Plone Site': sites.append(site) elif hasattr(site, 'objectIds'): sites.extend(find_it(site, depth - 1)) return sites return find_it(context, plone_site_search_depth) sites = get_plone_sites() for site in sites: print "Plone Site: %s<br/>" % site.title print find_honking_files(site) return printed