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Plone in Eclipse IDE

by hietpd31 — published Jun 17, 2011 08:40 AM, last modified Aug 16, 2016 10:50 AM
How to set up Eclipse to do super cool code browsing and editing

What will you need?

  1. Plone Installation
  2. Eclipse Classic ( My preference )
  3. PyDev Eclipse Plugin  (
  4. Aptana Eclipse Plugin (


Installing a Eclipse Plugin?

  1. Turn on Eclipse.
  2. Go to the Help drop menu.
  3. Go to Install New Software.
  4. Copy the download url into the "Works with",  they are in parenthesis above.
  5. The window will populate with the plugins, select the check boxes on those plugins.
  6. Click finish or next, the rest is self explanatory.  See Google for Eclipse Plugins if you need more guidance.



  • Create a Pydev Project called 'Plone' (or whatever)
  • Do not use Default on 'Project Contents'
  • 'Project Contents' set to the top level of your Plone installation, it must be above your buildout-cache, src, and parts folders.
  • 'Project Type' set to Python
  • 'Grammer Version' for Plone 4* use 2.6, for Plone 3* use 2.4
  • 'Interpreter' Click to Configure an interpreter not listed.
  • Click 'New...', name it and set to what Plone * is using as a python.exe.
  • Apply, Okay.
  • 'Interpreter' Set to the one you just setup.


  • Add the following to the parts section



  • Add the following to the bottom of your buildout, you may need to tweek these if your buildout is customized.
        recipe = collective.recipe.omelette
        eggs = ${instance:eggs}
        recipe =
        pydevproject_path = ${buildout:directory}/.pydevproject
        eggs = ${instance:eggs}



If your bin/buildout is sluggish or just hanging. It is caused by the omelette folder being updated.

I recommend you totally trash the omelette folder and let buildout cook a new one, it is much faster.  You can

setup your own script or such to get rid of the omelette directory before a buildout if need be.


Junction.exe is needed for the Omelette recipe.

  1. Create folder in your Plone Directory, I called mine 'extra'.
  2. Place the Junction.exe in the folder you just created.
  3. Go to your Windows Environment Variables, add to your Path Variable the location to your 'extra' folder
  4. Mine was C:\Plone4\extra;



Reference which helped me set mine up:


Email me if you have a problem or need more information.


This is a work in progress still.