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How to remove WebDAV locks

by nguyen — published Sep 21, 2011 01:30 PM, last modified Aug 16, 2016 10:50 AM
if you get the error "ResourceLockedError"

I was adding a String field to a PloneFormGen form and somehow the form itself stopped rendering correctly, giving the equivalent of an error 404 (page not found).

I went to the site's undo_form but was unable to find a combination of recent transactions to undo; I'd always get a duplicate transaction ID error, or the one about subsequent transactions having modified the transaction I wanted to undo.

Looking at the form via the ZMI (appending /manage_main to the form's URL), I could see the offending string field I wanted to delete.  Selecting it, then clicking the Delete button would give me that ResourceLockedError consistently, which has a message about there being a WebDAV lock on the form.

With Google, I found this page:

which links to this page:

which links to this page:

I went to this page:

and although the page said there were no locked items, I gave it a path to search from: Intranet

and then it found the one locked item within that site.  I checked the box next to it, and clicked the Unlock button.  Done!