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How to random rotate image in content area

by ledwell published Jul 01, 2009 01:10 PM, last modified Aug 16, 2016 10:50 AM
Rotating an image in a portlet or on a page

UPDATE: The directions below and on the site I link too apparently ONLY work on a mac.. I do not know why but it just works as long as your using a mac in FF and in Safari which led me to believe, to my chagrin, that it just worked everywhere. Untill the author has a solution or I can get somebody to help me figure it out I don't suggest using the stuff below. I didnt check on a windows machine before letting it go ugh!!!!! I will post a solution if/when I find one. -brian

I found this on the site by " Mike Takahashi" and I have enough people that want to do rotating images on a page I figured Id just point y'all to the directions. Its stupidly easy to set up. It uses (requires);

  • a python script in the custom folder
  • one line of code in your html.
  • a folder in the root of the site (or below acquisition will find it)

NOTE: in his directions for making the link in your html he uses this <img src=”/randomimg” />, this didnt work for me I used <img src=”randomimg” /> (minus the forward slash).