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How to migrate folders from Plone 3 to Plone 4

by nguyen — published Jun 05, 2012 01:00 PM, last modified Aug 16, 2016 10:50 AM
btree folders are the default in Plone 4

Going from Plone 3 to 4, folders changed to be btrees by default.  When you import a Plone 3 folder into a Plone 4 site, unless you follow the steps below, clicking on the imported folder will give you an error or show an empty folder.

Many huge thanks to Chris Thomas at Penn State for the suggestion! 

Chris also mentioned these views:

  • @@blob-file-migration
  • @@blob-image-migration

but I have not tried them yet.


  • Via ZMI, export the Plone 3 folder
  • Copy the .zexp file to the appropriate location on the file system (e.g. /opt/Plone/zeocluster/parts/client3/import)
  • Via the ZMI on the Plone 4 site, import the .zexp file
  • These could be long running operations!
  • Use this view http://siteurl/@@migrate-btrees
  • Then go to http://siteurl/portal_catalog/manage_workspace click on the Advanced tab then click the Clear and Rebuild button