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How to manage news items

by nguyen — published Sep 10, 2008 03:37 PM, last modified Aug 16, 2016 10:50 AM
avoiding clutter on your site

In Plone 3.1 if you want to add a news item, you can do so in any folder on the site.  This is the case by default.

The /news folder of the site is a collection, not a real folder.

The assumption in the default case is that you are going to scatter news items all over the site, but the /news collection makes them appear to be in one place.

If you want to have all news items in one folder rather than here or there throughout your site, perform the following steps.

CReate a "News Folder" type:

  • with ZMI, go to portal_types, copy the Folder type, rename the "copy_of_Folder" type to "News Folder"
  • go to portal_types, click on "News Folder"
  • change the Title to "News Folder"
  • change the Description to "A folder which can contain news items."
  • check the box "Filter content types?"
  • in the list "Allowed content types", select only "News Item"
  • press the Save Changes button

Add a News Folder object to your site:

  • in a normal view of your site (non-ZMI), go to the home folder, click "Add new...",  choose "News Folder"; it will be at /news-folder
  • in the new News Folder, check that the "Add new..." button lets you add only "News Item" objects

 Prevent a News Folder from being added again:

  • go back to ZMI, go to portal_types, click on News Folder, uncheck the box "Implicitly addable?", press Save Changes button

Prevent News Items from being added anywhere else:

  • still with ZMI, in portal_types, click on News Item, uncheck the box "Implicitly addable?", press Save Changes button