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How to make a simple blog

by nguyen — published Mar 05, 2009 12:05 PM, last modified Aug 16, 2016 10:50 AM
Use Plone out of the box to make a simple yet workable blog that even has its own RSS feed

You can use Plone to do very simple blogging, as I've set up on this site.  You can see it in action at Activities Blog. (

Basically you copy the News Item type to make a new one called Blog Entry.  You make a copy of the Folder type to make one called Blog.  You let Blog types contain only Blog Entry types (and maybe also Collection types - more below).  This is all in the ZMI, in your site's portal_types.  

The RSS capabilities in Plone are automatically there when you use the search feature as well as in Collections (which are essentially canned searches).  For a blog I'd make a Collection in your Blog folder that returns all Item Type = Blog Entry, using the sort criterion Effective Date in reverse order.  When you view that Collection, you'll see an RSS feed link at the bottom of the page; that's the URL you can hand out, unless you want to run it through to get more stats on readership, etc.  You then want to make the Collection the default item for the Blog folder, so that when someone first goes to see your Blog they see the blog entries in reverse chronological order.

Possible bug in Kupu

You may run into a problem with this technique.  

"having an error when you go to add the blog.. looks like its a kupu thing"

First I thought it was because you'd named the content type "Blog Entry" with a space in it, so I renamed it "BlogEntry" (but kept the human readable title "Blog Entry"). Also changed the description of BlogEntry and Blog types so they don't mention news anymore. I also had to fix the place you set which types could be contained in a Blog folder (since I'd renamed the BlogEntry type it didn't know about it anymore).

But the problem persisted...

Then I found a bug listed here by googling the error message "KupuError: Unrecognised portal type for resource relatedItems":

It's for the Scrawl product but all Scrawl does is clone the News Item type just like you did.

The fix is to turn off this setting:

Reference Browser
Use Kupu Reference Browser
Replace ATReferenceBrowser widget with a widget which uses Kupu's drawers instead of a popup window.

on the page


(which you can get to from the site setup page) so I turned it off. Seems to work now.

I set the default item for the Blog folder to be the Collection you created, and fixed the item types it searches for to be BlogEntry (not "Blog Entry" anymore). And I set the sort order to be reverse "Effective Date" (which is the publish date).

Depending on your default site workflow, you may want to add a criterion to that collection so that only blog entries that are in state XYZ ("Externally Published"? whatever you decide) are shown.