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How to grant permissions on a folder to a group of users

by nguyen — published Sep 17, 2008 04:30 PM, last modified Aug 16, 2016 10:50 AM
if you want to allow only certain people to have specific permissions within a folder

This process is similar to that of creating an intranet folder on your site. 

The steps are:

  • create a group
  • add users to the group
  • (optional) create a group portlet that appears for a logged-in member of the group 
  • go to the folder in question
  • use the Sharing tab to grant permissions to the group you created

In this example we'll assume you have a folder called "Academic Department" and you want to create a group called "Faculty" which will have edit permissions in the folder.

Add a Group and assign users to it

  • go to Site Setup -> Users and Groups
  • click the Groups tab
  • click the Add Group button
  • enter the name of the group, "Faculty", avoiding the use of punctuation and spaces (title, description, and email address are optional)
  • click Save
  • if you don't see your new group listed on the page, enter its name in the "group search" box and press the Search button
  • click on your new Faculty group
  • click on the "group members" tab
  • add logins to the group:
    • use the "quick search" box to enter the name of the person you want to add to the group, and press the Search button; you will see a list of matching logins
    • check the box next to the correct login, and press the "add selected groups and users to this group" button
    • repeat this for every person who needs to be in this group

(optional) Create a Group Portlet

While you are still looking at the page that lets you add members to a group, click on the "Group Portlets" tab.  Then, in the right or left column, you can create a portlet that will appear only for members of that particular group.  For example, you might want to create a static text portlet that contains instructions or links to documents that are of interest to members of that group.  

Grant permissions to the group

Now that you have set up the Faculty group and populated it with users, you must go to the "Academic Department" folder.

  • Go back to the normal view of your site (ie. remove the "/manage" or "/manage_main" part of the URL in your browser's address bar).
  • Navigate to the "Academic Department" folder
  • Click the "sharing" tab, enter the name of the group (in this example, "Faculty") in the search box and click the Search button
  • Check the "can add", "can edit", "can view" boxes in the row for the "Faculty" group that appears.  If you wish to allow members of that group to publish items, also check the "can review" box. Click the Save button.

The "inherit permissions" check box, if checked, means that any permissions that apply to the parent folder also apply to the current folder.  This feature lets you specialize folder-specific permissions the deeper you go down in the site structure, without having to repeat your permissions settings at every level.