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How to get PloneFormGen to send a copy of the form to the submitter

by nguyen — published Sep 03, 2008 01:15 PM, last modified Aug 16, 2016 10:50 AM
When a person uses your form, you'd like them to get a copy of the email

Normally in PloneFormGen you can set the recipient email address (who will receive an email containing the form responses), but it is static.  Similarly you can set multiple CC and BCC email addresses, all of which will get a copy of the form email. 

How to let the person submitting the form also get a copy of the form email?

The trick is to do the following.  Let's say that you want to receive the form email at

  • ensure that is in the CC or BCC list
  • leave the Recipient Name field empty
  • the Recipient Email Address field should be set to but will get overridden later by
  • in the Override tab, set the recipient override expression to     request/replyto     which will grab whatever was entered in the "Your Email Address" field of the form and will send to that address
  • do not set a Reply-To

The resulting email header will look like this, assuming the person filling out the form entered as their email address:

Date: 3 September 2008 13:01:50 CDT
Subject: New form was submitted

This is an automated email - please do not reply.

Your E-Mail Address
Your Name:
   Cash Aroonee