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How to display folder items in some order

by nguyen — published Aug 20, 2009 11:51 AM, last modified Aug 16, 2016 10:50 AM
e.g. chronological or reverse chronological order

Here is how you can have a folder show its contents in some order; for this example we'll want to show the most recently modified items first.


Create a collection that displays the folder's contained items in reverse chronological order, then make that collection the default item for the folder. 

An example:

In the above, I left a link in the collection's rich text body so that someone needing to see the folder's default view can still get to it easily. 

The collection can sort by effective date (ie. the publication date), modification date, creation date (among others).


If you're referring to a folder MYFOLDER, you go to that folder and Add New -> Collection.

Edit the criteria:

  • add a Location criterion with value ".." (the container of collection, which in this case is your folder MYFOLDER);
  • add an Item Type criterion and select the types you want the collection to show (this is primarily useful for hiding the collection you are creating);
  • set the sort order to be on modification date and check the box for "Reverse display order". 
  • click Save


If you want to leave a link in the collection's rich body text so  that people can view the normal folder listing instead of the collection view:

  • Click the collection's Edit tab
  • Enter this text in the body field: 
Click to view the normal folder listing

  • Highlight the "view the normal folder listing" in the above, click on the External Link toolbar icon, and in the URL field enter exactly:


  • Click ok.
  • Save the collection.
  • Check that when you view the collection it behaves the way you expect it to (displays the latest items in the folder, in reverse chrono order, and the link you just created to the normal folder listing works correctly).
  • Next, make this collection the folder's default item. When you are viewing the collection or the normal folder listing, click the Contents tab, then click the Display drop down menu, choose "change content item as default view", and select the collection you just created. 

    Another example: