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How to disable certain kss features?

by nguyen — published Aug 27, 2008 05:02 PM, last modified Aug 16, 2016 10:50 AM

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1.4 How to disable certain kss features?

Kss features can be disabled one by one, by manually commenting out their rules from kss files.

The list of kss files can be viewed in the portal_kss tool. You can see there are inactive files that contain features not supported by default, but that can be used for testing them.

The two active resources are located at:


If you edit these files, you will notice kss rules dedicated to the activation of a given feature, grouped with an initial comment. You can simply use commenting to deactivate the group you do not want in the following way:

/* Functionality that I don't want */

#id-element:click {

After this you need to reload your browser page and make sure caching is switched off. You also need to restart Zope, unless the Debug mode of portal_kss tool is switched on.


1.5 How to disable in-line editing globally?

The following is for Plone versions earlier than 3.1.6:

Although it is possible to do this in the way described in 1.4, there is a global variable you can define in your template:

tal:define="kss_inline_editable python:False;"

This should be put to the template generating the outer level of the page, for example, around the top of

This will deactivate all inline editing, and also prevent the visual cueing that shows that the feature is available.

For Plone versions 3.1.6 and later:

Go to Site Setup -> Site and uncheck the box for "Enable inline editing", and press the Save button.