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How to clone a PloneFormGen form onto another site

by nguyen — published Aug 19, 2014 02:24 PM, last modified Aug 16, 2016 10:50 AM

There is a not-so-well known feature of PloneFormGen that lets you clone a form easily onto another site. (Cloning a form within the same site is easy via the Actions -> Copy and Actions -> Paste menu items).

The Actions menu contains an "Export" item that creates a .tgz file representing the contents (fields, adapters, etc.) of a form.  

  1. Use the Actions -> Export menu item to create a .tgz file downloaded to your local disk.
  2. On the site where you want to clone this form, create a new form (Add New -> Form Folder)
  3. In the new form, use the Actions -> Import menu item.  
  4. Browse to the .tgz file you created in Step 1, and check the "Remove existing form items?" box to replace everything in the current form with what's in the .tgz file.
  5. Press the Import button.
  6. Review the resulting form; it should be identical to the original form.  You may have to edit date/time fields and uncheck/check the box to show the time fields. 

screen shot of PloneFormGen export-import feature

Note to self: update the PloneFormGen docs with this! at