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How to allow editing of already-published items

by nguyen — published Nov 19, 2008 10:06 AM, last modified Aug 16, 2016 10:50 AM
...without having to retract them first

Working Copy lets you have two versions of your content in parallel.

(You can add this product to your site if you are an administrator and go to Site Setup -> Add/Remove Products.  See the product description here.)

When a Plone site is first created, there a number of additional features that can be enabled, including "Working Copy". If the Plone site you are using doesn't show the "Check out" option under the Actions menu, you will need to contact your site manager and request that "Working Copy Support (Iterate)" be installed.

You might have been in a situation like this before: you have published a document, and you need to update it extensively, but you want the old version to exist on the web site until you have published the new one. You also want the new document to replace the current one, but you'd like to keep the history of the old one, just in case. Working copy makes all this possible.

Essentially, you "check out" a version of the currently published document, which creates a "working copy" of the document. You then edit the working copy (for as long as you like) and when you're ready for the new version to go live, you "check in" your working copy, and it's live. Behind the scenes, Plone will replace the original document with the new one in the exact same location and web address — and archive the old version as part of the document's version history.