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How to add or change your site's portal tabs

by nguyen — published Aug 26, 2014 03:39 PM, last modified Aug 16, 2016 10:50 AM
for the UW Oshkosh standard theme

You can add, change, or remove portal tabs from your standard UW Oshkosh site, if you have Manager role (ie. are a member of the Administrators group).

  • Log into your site
  • Go to Site Setup
  • Go to the Zope Management Interface
  • Click on "portal_actions"
  • Click on "portal_tabs"

You will see:


You add a new tab by checking the box to one of the existing tabs (e.g. "tab4"), then clicking on the Copy button, then on the Paste button, then you'd get this:


Edit the new tab by clicking on it, to see:


Change the Title value and the URL (Expression) value, then press the Save Changes button at the bottom.

For the URL value, just edit the last part of the value, e.g. if it says:


change the "contact-information" part to whatever you need, e.g. if I wanted the tab to go to a page with the ID "buy-me" I would change the value of the above to


To navigate back to the portal tabs, click here:


There you can also change the ID of a tab by checking the box next to it then clicking the Rename button: