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How to add "embedded objects" (YouTube) easily

by ledwell published Dec 16, 2009 03:00 PM, last modified Aug 16, 2016 10:49 AM
Shows you how to customize the permissions and add a nifty "insert embedded code" tab to the Kupu "Insert External Link" button.


Ok first things first. You will need to have someone edit the security settings in Plone. Don't worry it's not hard but you will need someone with access to the "site setup" page. So find yourself some lonely broke Plone admin junkie. Buy em a burger and slip em a 5 spot before you try the following.

Beware: do not change these settings if your site allows untrusted users to add or edit pages!

  • NastyTagsGo to "site setup"
  • Choose "HTML Filtering" 
  • Under "Nasty Tags" check the "embed" and "object" check boxes and choose "Remove Selected Items"
  • CustomTagsUnder "Custom Tags" Choose "Add Custom Tags" and type in "embed"
  • Choose "Save"










Adding the "add embed code" as a tab for "external link"

Now while still in "site setup"

  • Choose "Visual Editor" Visual Editor
  • Choose the "ToolBar" tab
  • Check the checkbox for "embed tab"
  • Select "Save"

Using the Embed tab

Now here's where the coolness begins.

  • Find a YouTube video you want to embed on your page.
  • Locate and copy the content in the "EMBED HTML" dialog box
  • Edit a page on your plone instance
  • Click somewhere on the page (preferably where you want your video to appear)
  • Choose the "insert external link" icon
  • Embed External ObjectsYou should now see a tab called "embed external object"; choose that.
  • Paste your code from "YouTube" in there
  • Choose "Save"