Send Past Due Email

by vandberg published Feb 28, 2012 11:30 AM, last modified Jun 23, 2017 02:37 PM
Run Instructions


Send email notices to students in the past due list


 From the menu, select:

Main Menu > UWO Student Financials > Past Due > Send Past Due Email

Select a Run Control ID or create a new one.  -- See Using Run Control ID

Send Past Due Email

Enter the Enrollment Term.  This is the term the students are enrolled in and from which they will be administratively withdrawn if they do not pay their past due amount.  If you use the same Run Control ID you used for the process to find the past due students, that value will be carried over here.

Enter the Past Due Pay By Date.  This is the date the students must pay their past due amount by to avoid being administratively withdrawn.

Both of these items can be included in the email notices that are sent to the students.

Run the process using the Process Scheduler.  -- See Using Process Scheduler

Ensure the Process Scheduler Request page has these values:

  • Server Name is PSUNX.
  • Send Past Due Email, Z_SFA050B is selected in the Process List
  • Type is Web and Format is  TXT.

Use the Process Monitor to view the output of the process.  -- See Using Process Monitor 

Additional Information:

See the system instructions -- Past Due

Email notices can not be sent until the set-up described in the system instructions has been completed.

The preceding  step is reviewing the past due list. -- See Past Due Email Review