Past Due

by vandberg published Mar 01, 2012 02:55 PM, last modified Jun 23, 2017 02:37 PM
System Instructions


Find students who are past due, review them and send an email notice if appropriate.



  • Designate the Address Usage that determines which email address the notice will be sent to.  The same usage applies to both billing notices and past due notices. -- See Billing General Settings
  • Designate the Service Indicator/Reason Code combinations that prevent student who have them from receiving past due notices.  Use Past Due as the SI Exclusion Application. -- See Service Ind Exclustion Table.
  • Enter the message the past due notice will contain.  Use Email Past Due Notice as the Message Location. -- See General Billing Messages
  • Enter messages for individual students if desired.  Use Email Past Due Notice as the Message Location. -- See Student Billing Messages

Variable Information

When entering the messages, there are a few special indicators that can be typed in to indicate where variable information should be inserted.  These must be typed as shown, all upper case between square brackets.

[NAME] -- This is replaced with the student's name.

[TERM] -- This is replaced with the Enrollment Term.

[PAYBYDATE] -- This is replaced with the Past Due Pay By Date.

General Billing Messages

On Going

There is only one past due list at a time, so the processes to send the notices and assign the service indicators must be run before the process to select the past due students is run again.  Each time the selection process runs, it removes the previous list and creates a new one.

 Additional Information:

Students must be billed for their charges before they can become past due. -- See Student Billing