Find Past Due Students

by vandberg published Feb 28, 2012 11:30 AM, last modified Jun 23, 2017 02:37 PM
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Find students who are past due so they can be sent an email notice.

Certain students are not sent notices even if they are past due, so this process does not select them.  This includes those with less than a minimum amount past due, those who are not enrolled for the term, high school specials and those with specified service indicators/reasons.

You will have the opportunity to review the list of students before the email notices are sent.


 From the menu, select:

Main Menu > UWO Student Financials > Past Due > Find Past Due Students

Select a Run Control ID or create a new one.  -- See Using Run Control ID

Find Past Due Students

You must enter two terms.  The Account Term  is used to calculate the past due amount.  Charges after this term will not be included in the calculation.  Students must be enrolled in the Enrollment Term or they will not be selected.

Students will not be selected if their past due amount is less than the Minimum Past Due.

You must indicate in Payment Plan whether the process should select pay plan or cash basis students.  Only one of these types can be selected at a time.

Originally, this process only produced a file that was used to manually contact past due students.  The process that now sends the email notices does not use that file, so producing it is optional.  Check Write File if you want to produce the file and uncheck it if you do not.

The Address Usage determines which address is written to the file for the students.  This is not the usage that controls the email address the notices are sent to.

Run the process using the Process Scheduler.  -- See Using Process Scheduler

Ensure the Process Scheduler Request page has these values:

  • Server Name is PSUNX.
  • Past Due List, Z_SFA050A  is selected in the Process List
  • Type is Web and Format is TXT.

Use the Process Monitor to view the output of the process.  -- See Using Process Monitor 

If you choose to write the file, you can access it in the Process Monitor. 

The file will be named: zsfa050a_(ProcessInstance).csv

Additional Information:

See the system instructions -- Past Due

The service indicators that prevent a student from receiving a past due notice are designated in the exclusion table. -- See Service Ind Exclusion Table

After the past due students have been found, the next step is to review the list to confirm they should receive a notice.  -- See Past Due Email Review