Prepare XML File for DOR

by vandberg published Feb 28, 2012 11:30 AM, last modified Jun 23, 2017 02:37 PM
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Add information to the file which is received from ECSI of students whose unpaid accounts are being submitted to the Department of Revenue (DOR) and convert it to an XML file.

The added information is the assessment date.  The date is set to the last day of the oldest term the student has an unpaid account for.  We send ECSI a single balance for each student, so they can not tell which term the student still owes for. 

Another file is written containing the collection fee the DOR charges each student.  This file is used to both load the collection fee to the student account and to set a service indicator on the student.

File Transfers

Several file transfers are required to get the student account information from ECSI to DOR.  ECSI and DOR both have established procedures that must followed to transfer files from and to them.  Files must also be transfered between the Exchange Data directory, where you can access them, to the server where the process that prepares the file for DOR runs.

  1. Log into ECSI and retrieve the file from them.  Store the file in the Exchange_Data/Student_Financials_ECSI directory.
  2. Use SFTP to transfer the File From ECSI to the database server. -- See Secure FTP Applications
  • FTP Application -- z_sfa048d_01
  • Retrieving File -- WIWWDEBT.PC
  • Storing File -- zsfa048dmmddyy
  • Run the Prepare XML File For DOR process that is described here.
  • Use SFTP to transfer the File for DOR from the database server to the Exchange_Data/Student_Financials directory.
    • FTP Application -- z_sfa048d_02
    • Retrieving File -- zsfa048d_to_dor_mmddyy
    • Storing File -- to_dor_mmddyy
  • Log into DOR and submit the file to them.
  • The external file load and service indicator processes run on the same server, so the File of Collection Fees does not need to be transferred.


     From the menu, select:

    Main Menu > UWO Student Financials > External Billing (ECSI) > Prepare XML File for DOR

    Select a Run Control ID or create a new one.  -- See Using Run Control ID

    Prepare XML File for DOR 

    The XML file does not include contact information like the previous debt file did.  Contact Name and Contact Phone Number are not used and can be left blank.

     Enter the Collection Fee Percentage and the Minimum Collection Fee.  The DOR adds a collection fee to the amount they collect from the students.  These fees are added to the students account so they are aware of them when they look at their statement, even though the DOR keeps the money for these fees, not UW Oshkosh.  The fee is usually a percentage of the amount the student owes, but never less than a minimum amount.

    The process reads the file received from ECSI and writes a new file with the additional information to send to the DOR.  It also creates a collection fee file for the external file load process.

    Enter the name of the File From ECSI.  This must be the same name as the Storing File in the first SFTP process.

    Enter the name of the File For DOR.  This must be the same name as the Retrieving File in the second SFTP process.

    Enter the File of Collection Fees.  This must be the same name as used in the external file load process.

    Run the process using the Process Scheduler.  -- See Using Process Scheduler

    Ensure the Process Scheduler Request page has these values:

    • Server Name is PSUNX.
    • The box is checked in the Process List by Prepare XML File for DOR, Z_SFA048D

    • Type is Web and Format is TXT.
    This controls the format of the log file.  The debt file produced for DOR will be XML even though TXT is selected here.

    Use the Process Monitor to view the output of the process.  -- See Using Process Monitor 

    Additional Information:

    See PeopleBooks for information about external file loads.