External File Tracking

by vandberg published Feb 24, 2012 05:05 PM, last modified Jun 23, 2017 02:37 PM
Component Instructions


Display tracking information for files that contain transactions from external systems to be loaded into student accounts.  Confirm that the files were processed successfully or show what errors were encountered.


From the menu, select:

Main Menu > UWO Student Financials > External FIles > External File Tracking 

External File Tracking 1

Select or enter the External FIle -- See Using Search Dialogs

Files can be selected by the External Fill code, tracking number, status or the date processing started or ended.  The search dialog defaults to only showing files processed in the last week.

External FIle Tracking

External File Tracking 2 

External File is a code that identifies each type of file.

Tracking Number (Trk Nbr) is a one-up number for each External File code that is assigned to files as they are found for processing.

Status indicates whether or not a file was processed successfully.  Some of the transactions on a file may be loaded and posted even if the whole file is not successful.

Start Date/Time and End Date/Time show when the processing for the file was done.

File Pattern shows the pattern what was searched for to find the file.

  •  A question mark (?) will match any single character.
  • An asterisk (*) will match any number of characters.

File Name shows the name of the specific file that was found.

Renamed File shows the name the file was changed to.  Files are renamed if they do not have the correct suffix or if the file always has the same name and a prefix is added to make it unique.  This will also show the name if the file was split into positive and negative transactions.  This will be blank if the file was not renamed or split.

Process Instance identifies the process that loaded and posted the file.  This is useful for finding the output from the process in the Process Monitor.

Group ID is the number assigned to the transactions from one file when it is loaded that is used to post them.

Group Type is assigned to the group of transactions when they are loaded.

Balance the Group indicates whether the transactions in the file must match the Control Count and Control Total in a header or trailer record.

  • Y -- The transactions will be posted only if they do match the Control Count and Control Total.
  • N -- The transactions will be posted even if they do not match the Control Count and Control Total.

Deposit Balance indicates if the transactions did match the Control Count and Control Total.

Editing ???

Posting Status and Posting Action show whether the transactions have been posted.

Control Count and Control Total are amounts in the header or trailer record of the file that are compared to the actual transactions to ensure none are missed.

Entered Count and Entered Total are the totals for all the transactions in the file that were loaded.

Difference Count and Difference Total ??? are the differences between the control amounts and the amounts that are actually loaded.  These amounts only appear if the group is not required to be balanced.

Payments Set to Post and Posted Total are the totals for the transactions that were successfully posted.

Group Lines

External File Tracking 3

All transactions that were loaded from the file are listed.  The Post Flag indicates which transactions have been posted.  If any errors were encountered, they are described in the Message column.

Additional Information:

See the system instructions -- Load External Charges