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Waivers more than Charges

by bantln37 — published Jul 26, 2012 11:13 AM, last modified Jun 23, 2017 02:37 PM


Find students who have waivers that are more than charges associated with those waivers.
Produce a file ( zsfq020_processid.csv ) that contains a list of these students with the waivers that are too large and the charges they exceed.


From the menu, select:

Home > Manage Student Records  > UWO Student Records > Process > Waivers More Than Charges

Enter one or more terms.  The program will only check and list waivers for the terms that are entered.

Click on the Run button for the Process Scheduler Request page.

Ensure the Process Scheduler Request page has these values:

• Server Name must be PSUNX.
• Type must be Web
• Format must be PDF

Click OK to submit the report to be run.

When the job is completed, the extract files will be stored on the database server.  You must transfer them to your local file server before you can access them. 
Refer to zgaq001_RunInstructions.doc to see how to use FTP to transfer the files. FTP Application: zsfq020_01 
Retrieving Files: zsfq020_processid.csv
Storing Files: zsfq020.csv 

Process Monitor Information:

To view the status of any job you are running:

Home > PeopleTools > Process Monitor

Or click Process Monitor from the Page you ran the process.

Ensure the Process Monitor panel has these values:

• Your Operator ID is in the Operator ID box.

Click on Refresh to monitor the progress of your job.

When the Run Status indicates Success, your job has completed.

Click Details then click View Log/Trace on the Process Detail Page.

If a sign-in page appears, enter your user ID and password.

Click on the name of the report that starts with zsfq020 on the Report/Log Viewer page.

Select Print… under the File menu to print the report on your PC’s printer.

Additional Information:

Information for the system is in the document:  SF020_SystemInfo.doc

Charge/Waiver Associations must be defined before this program is run to tell it which waiver and charges to compare.  See Z_CWA_ASSOC_Instructions.doc for information on defining them.