Release FEE/AR Stop

by bantln37 — published Jul 26, 2012 11:13 AM, last modified Jun 23, 2017 02:37 PM


A process to release the Service indicator stop ( FEE / AR, FEE/LETTR, STF/BRADY, STF/ICS, STF/TWS) , when the students account balance less than the input balance amount entered.
FEE Service Indicator stands for “Fee Obligation”
AR Reason means “Non-Payment of Fees”


From the menu, select:

Go > Manage Student Financials   >  UWO Student Financials

 Process > Release FEE/AR Stop > Add or Update/Display

Input parameter is “TERM”  and Balance amount. This term is used to compute the Account Balance of the student.
Any student with a Balance Due of less than the Balance amount will have their FEE/AR, FEE/LETTR, STF/BRADY, STF/ICS, or STF/TWS stop released.

Click on the stoplight button for the Process Scheduler Request panel.

Ensure the Process Scheduler Request panel has these values:

• Server name must be PSUNX.
• Type must be Printer
• Format must be LP
• Output Destination must be:
Cypress_D236B to have the receipt printed in the Student Financials Office.

Click OK to submit the process to be run.

The report will be printed in Dempsey, D 236. ( Gives the totals of the FEE/AR Service Indicators and Service indicators deleted , and the Service indicators  remaining)

Process Monitor Information:

To view the status of any  job you are running:

Go > PeopleTools  > Process Monitor

Ensure the Process Monitor panel has these values:

• Your Operator ID is in the Operator ID box.
• Let the Server, Process Class, and Run Status default or you may change them, if desired.

Click on Refresh to monitor the progress of your job.

When the Run Status indicates Success, your job has completed.

Additional Information:

Information for the system is in the document:  _SystemInfo.doc