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Financial Aid Reconciliation

by bantln37 — published Jul 26, 2012 11:13 AM, last modified Jun 23, 2017 02:37 PM


Extracts a file that can be read as a spreadsheet and used to reconcile financial aid disbursements.  For a given date range (Disbursement dates) and a set of item numbers, extract the students Name, ID, SSN, Awarded amount,  Accepted amount, Authorized amount, Disbursed amount and date, group post amount and date, refund amount and date and the balance on the account.


From the menu, select:

Home > Manage Student Financials  > UWO Student Financials > Process > Financial Aid Reconciliation

Enter the beginning of the date range in From Date and the end in To Date.  The extract will include aid that is disbursed on either of these dates, or between them.

Enter the Term for which the student’s balance should be calculated.

Enter the Item Type numbers for the kinds of financial aid that should be included in the extract.  Each extract file can contain as many Item Types as desired.

Click on the Run button for the Process Scheduler Request page.

Ensure the Process Scheduler Request page has these values:

• Server Name must be PSUNX.
• Type must be Printer
• Format must be LP
• Output Destination must be Cyp3117_hp

Click OK to submit the report to be run.

The report will be printed in Dempsey, D7.

When the job is completed, the extract files will be stored on the database server.  You must transfer them to your local file server before you can access them. 
Refer to zgaq001_RunInstructions.doc to see how to use FTP to transfer the files. FTP Application: zsfq035_01 
Retrieving File: zsfq035_<Process ID>.dat
Storing File: zsfq035.dat

Process Monitor Information:

To view the status of any  job you are running:

Home > PeopleTools>  Process Monitor

Or click Process Monitor from the Page you ran the process.

Ensure the Process Monitor panel has these values:

• Your Operator ID is in the Operator ID box.

Click on Refresh to monitor the progress of your job.

When the Run Status indicates Success, your job has completed.

Additional Information:

The Financial Aid Reconciliation system consists of only this one process.