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Assessment Plateau Exceptions

by bantln37 — published Jul 26, 2012 11:13 AM, last modified Jun 23, 2017 02:37 PM


This program prints a report that identifies students with at least full-time credits whose tuition assessment amount is different than the flat amount for full-time.  Only students who have dropped a class are listed.  The students on the list should be evaluated to determine whether or not they qualify to be assessed within the full-time credit assessment plateau.


From the menu, select:

Go > Manage Student Financials  > UWO Student Financials

Report > Assessment Plateau Exceptions > Add or Update/Display

Enter the Academic Career and Term of the students who should be checked.  A number sets of different Academic Career and Terms can be checked during each run.

In Full-Time Credits, enter the minimum number of credits a student in that career must have for the term to be assessed the full-time amount.

Click on the stoplight button for the Process Scheduler Request panel.

Ensure the Process Scheduler Request panel has these values:

• Run Location must be Server.
• Server must be PSUNX.
• Output destination must be Printer
• File/Printer: must be    %%uwocyp_oper01%%
• Run Occurrence should be Once

Click OK to submit the report to be run.

The report will be printed in Dempsy, D7.

Additional Information:

This program was adapted from USFASPLT.SQR, written by Jim Marshall for UW Madison.