by vandberg published Feb 25, 2011 11:45 AM, last modified Jun 23, 2017 02:36 PM
Query Instructions


Compare the contract payments that have been received from the vendors with the amounts that were expected.

Only payments in the current cycle for each contract are included.

Only payments that do not match the expected amount are included.  If the payment is designated as one that may vary, it will only be included if no payment of any amount is entered for the cycle.

Payments are in sequence by Contract Number.


From the menu, select:

Main Menu >Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer

In the Search By select Query Name to search for ZFS001_MISSING_PAYMENTS or any of the other criteria.

Click the Search button.

Click on HTML to see the query results in a web page or Excel to see the query results in a spreadsheet

There are no prompts for this query.


Click Excel Spreadsheet or CSV Text File if you want to down the information in that format. 

Click the Contract ID to see contract information  -- Contract Information

Click the Vendor ID to see vendor information --  Vendor

Click the Expected amount to see the expected payments for the contract -- Expected Payments

Click the Payment amount to see the payments for the contract in the current cycle -- Payments

Click the Task ID to see task information -- Task

Difference is the difference between the Expected and Payment amounts.  For payments that can vary each cycle, the Difference collumn will always be zero.

Pay Count is the number of separate payments included in the total.

Additional Information

See the system instructions --  Contract Tracking 

There is a similar query that includes payments whether or not they match the expected amount -- ZFS001_COMPARE_EXPECT_TO_PAY