by vandberg published Feb 24, 2012 05:05 PM, last modified Jun 23, 2017 02:36 PM
Component Instructions


Maintain information about vendors who have been awarded a contract with UW Oshkosh, or were considered for one. 


From the menu, select:

Main Menu > UWO Financial Services > Contract Tracking > Vendor 

Select or enter the vendor -- See Using Search Dialogs


Enter the Name of the vendor.

Enter the FEIN of the vendor.  A FEIN is the Federal Employer Identification Number, which is an identifier for business entities issued by the IRS.

Enter the Country  of the vendor, then click the Edit Address link to enter the vendor's address.

Enter the name, phone number and email address of contacts at the vendor.  All contacts for a vendor are entered and maintained here.  The contacts associated with each contract will be choosen from this list.

When a contact should no longer be used, change the Status to Inactive, instead of deleting the contact from the list, since past contracts may still refer to it.

Additional Information:

See the system instructions -- Contract Tracking 

See the instructions to assign a vendor to a contract or record them as a competitor, and to choose the vendor's contacts for the contract -- Contract Information