by vandberg published Feb 24, 2012 05:05 PM, last modified Jun 23, 2017 02:36 PM
Component Instructions


Record payments received from vendors who have been awarded contracts. 


From the menu, select:

Main Menu > UWO Financial Services > Contract Tracking > Payments 

Select or enter the contract -- See Using Search Dialogs


The Contract ID, Contract Number and Contract Title are shown to identify the contract.

Cycle shows which set of payments are being entered.  This page always shows the current cycle.

Total Payments for This Cycle show the total of the payments.

Enter the account information (Department, Fund Code, Program Code, Project/Grant and Class Field), Payment Date and Payment Amount for each payment.  Only payments for the current cycle are shown and only those for that cycle can be entered.

An optional Comment concerning the payments may be entered.  For example, it could explain why the payments for the cycle are not the expected amount.  The Comment will be stored with the payments for each cycle, but only the one for the current cycle will appear on this page.

Additional Information:

See the system instructions -- Contract Tracking 

Account information is normally updated with data from the Shared Financial System (SFS) once a week on Friday nights.  When new values are entered in SFS, they can not be used for expected payments until the update occurs.