Contract Information

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Component Instructions


Maintain general information about a vendor contract. 


From the menu, select:

Main Menu > UWO Financial Services > Contract Information 

Select or enter the Contract -- See Using Search Dialogs

Contract Information

Contract Information 

Contract ID is a number the Contract Tracking system assigns internally to identify contracts.

Contract Number is the official designation of the contract.

Contract Tile is the descriptive name of the contract.

Inception Date and Expiration Date indicate when the contract begins and ends.

The Vendor who is awarded the contract is identified by a number assigned internally by the Contract Tracking system.  If the Vendor has not already been entered, you can click the Add Vendor button, enter the information for the Vendor and then continue entering the contract information.  After a Vendor has been assigned, you can change information about the Vendor by clicking the Update Vendor button.

( See Vendor instructions )

FEIN is the Federal Employre Identification Number.

Vendor Contacts lists who serve as contacts for the vendor.  If more than one contract is awarded to a vendor, those contracts may have the same or different contacts.  Therefore, the contacts are entered on the Vendor page, then the appropriate contacts are associated with each contract.  Click the Update Vendor button if the contact for this contract has not been entered for the Vendor.  Mark the checkbox to designate the Primary contact and enter each contact's Area of Responsibiltiy for this contract.

Responsible Employees lists the employees who are responsible for the contract as representatives of UW Oshkosh.  Enter the UW Oshkosh Empl ID of each employee.  This is different than the state-wide Empl ID assigned by Human Resources.  You may click the search icon (Search Icon) to find the employee by name or other identifiers.  Name, location and contact information are displayed for each employee.  Enter the Responibility Type (Contract Signor or Contract Administrator) and the Area of Responsibility.

( To add or change Responsibility Types, see Responsibility Type instructions )

Additional Text

Contract Information - Additional Text 

Text information may be entered so it can be easily referenced.

For each block of text, select the Type of Text.  To organize the information, you may separate each type of text into a number of sections.  For each Section, enter a number and a heading. 

The different types appear in a prescribed sequence, but the number controls the sequence of sections of the same type.

Click the spell check icons (Spell Check) on the right to check the spelling of the heading and text. 

( See Contract Text Type instructions )


Contract Information - Competitors

Enter the Vendor ID of any vendors who were considered for the contract, but not awarded it.   The same set of Vendor ID's is used for competitors as for vendors who are awarded contracts.

Click the Add Competitor button to add a vendor and the Update Competitor to update information about one that was previously entered.  ( See Vendor instructions )

Additional Information:

See the system instructions -- Contract Tracking  

The audit trail records all changes to contract information -- Contract Audit Trail