Contract Audit Trail

by vandberg published Feb 24, 2012 05:05 PM, last modified Jun 23, 2017 02:36 PM
Component Instructions


Display an audit trail showing all changes made to the information for a contract. 


From the menu, select:

Main Menu > UWO Financial Services > Contract Tracking > Contract Audit Trail 

Select or enter the contract -- See Using Search Dialogs

Contract Audit Trail 1 

Contract ID, Contract Number, Contract Title and Vendor ID are displayed on the top of each page to identify the contract the audit trail is for.  This is always the current information for the contract.

Each entry in the audit trail contains these items:

  • Date/Time -- when the change was made
  • User ID, Description -- who made the change
  • Action  -- what kind of change was made

On the Contract Audit Trail tab, the Action indicates if the contract was added or changed.  On the other tabs, it indicates if a row in one of the lists was added, changed or deleted.

The Action determines what the fields following it contain.

  • Add -- The fields show the values that were entered when the contract or row was added.
  • Change - Old Values -- The fields show the values before the change was made.
  • Change - New Values -- The fields show the values after the change was made.
  • Change Old (PPR Only) -- The fields show the values before the change was made.  This action means no key values were changed.  If there is no entry following this, you must look at the current information instead of the audit trail to see the new values.
  • Delete -- The fields show the values that were in the row when it was deleted. 

The audit trail for each list appears on a separate tab, even when the current information is combined on the same page.

Contract Audit Trail 2

Contract Audit Trail 3 

Contract Audit Trail 4

Contract Audit Trail 5

Additional Information:

See the system instructions -- Contract Tracking 

See the instructions for making the changes that this audit trail records -- Contract Information