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Contract Adj Form Log

by vandberg published May 29, 2013 11:35 AM, last modified Jun 23, 2017 02:36 PM
Component Instructions


 Show the date and time when employees where notified of their additional payments.  Originally, this was always done by printing a contract adjustment form, but later it could be done by emailing a notification.


 From the menu, select either:

 Main Menu > UWO Human Resources > Payroll Payments > Contract Adj Form Log


Main Menu > UWO Human Resources > Faculty Development > Contract Adj Form Log

Select the employee.

Contract Adj Form Log

The dates and times when employees were notified are listed in descending sequence.  The sequence can be changed by clicking Customize.

Besides the date and time, each row shows the fiscal year, sequence number and activity of the payment.  It also shows the user ID and name of the person who produced the form.  It tells whether it was produced as a single form or in a batch and whether it was printed contract adjustment form or an email notification.  For email notifications, it shows the notification code that determines the contents of the notice.


The routines that produce contract adjustment forms did not originally record date and time.  An employee may have received a contract adjustment form that is not in this list because it was produced before the routines were changed.  Notification codes where introduced during the summer of  2015, so they are not shown for earlier notices.

Additional Information:

Information for the system is in Payroll Payments.

Information for the payroll payment page is in Payroll Payment.

Information for the process to produce a batch of contract adjustment forms is in the document: ZEMA005D_RunInstructions.doc