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Five students to present their research at various forums

Next month five physics students will present their research in astronomy at three different forums.

Steven Bartel, Timothy Conard and Vincent Fabbri will attend the April 10–13, 2013, National Conference for Undergraduate research in La Crosse, Wis.

Steven's project is  focused on  improving the distance estimates  to Galactic H II Regions. Timothy and Vincent are studying the structure of one prominent star-forming region in the Milky Way—the Cepheus star-forming field. 

Kevin Moran (now at UW Madison ) and Thomas Gehrman will present their findings on the interesting double stellar cluster h and χ Per and the surrounding stellar association at the Celebration of Scholarship at UW Oshkosh on Thursday, April 18 and also at the Posters in the Rotunda at the Wisconsin State Capitol Building on Wednesday, April 17. 

Professor Kaltcheva is their adviser.

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