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Physics - Engineering Dual Degree Program

Currently the UW Oshkosh Physics-Engineering Dual Degree Program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in physics from UW Oshkosh and a bachelor degree (either a Bachelor of Science in Engineering or a Bachelor of Engineering) from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee College of Engineering and Applied Science (UW Milwaukee). With careful planning, you can complete the program in five years: three at UW Oshkosh to complete the physics major and College of Letters & Science Bachelor of Science degree requirements and an additional two at UW Milwaukee.
You must apply for admission to and meet entrance requirements for UW Milwaukee at the time of transfer — acceptance is not guaranteed through participation in this program. You will need to satisfy the general education requirements of UW Milwaukee in addition to the UW Oshkosh University Studies Program. Generally speaking, general education programs at engineering schools have fewer requirements than the USP; however, this is not guaranteed, and it is your responsibility to perform due diligence regarding course transfers and program requirements. The requirements for the UW Oshkosh physics major for students  participating in the Physics-Engineering Dual Degree Program are outlined below. 

 UW Oshkosh Degree Requirements:
  • Students must meet the course requirements for the University Studies Program (general education) and for the B.S. degree in the UW Oshkosh College of Letters and Science. Credits to satisfy general education requirements may be transferred back from UW Milwaukee, but students are responsible for ensuring they meet requirements.
  • Students must meet the grade point average requirements of UW Oshkosh with regard to the University Studies Program (general education) and courses taken in physics at UW Oshkosh.
  • Students must meet the UW Oshkosh requirement for 35 upper level course credits. Courses designated as upper level by the engineering school to which the student has transferred will be included in the upper level credit count to meet the UW Oshkosh requirement.
  • Normally, students will complete approximately 90 credits at UW Oshkosh before transferring to their engineering school of choice. If a student transfers courses into UW Oshkosh, the student will still be     required to complete 30 credits of UW Oshkosh courses to qualify for the B.S. degree with a major in physics from UW Oshkosh.
  • The UW Oshkosh residency requirement stating that 15 of the student's last 30 credits must be taken at UW Oshkosh will be waived for these students. 

Required Core Courses:
  • Physics: Physics 109 and 110 – General Physics I and II 10 cr.
  • Physics 206 – Modern Physics 3 cr.
  • Physics 222 – Physics Lab I 2 cr.
  • Math Math 171, 172 and 273 – Calculus I, II and III 12 cr.
  • Chemistry Chemistry 105 and 106 – General Chemistry I and II 10 cr.

      • Total Chemistry credits required 10 cr.

Additional Required Courses:
  • Math Math 371 – Differential Equations 3 cr.
  • Or a three-credit combined Linear Algebra/Differential Equations course from the destination engineering school.
  • • Total Math credits required 15 cr.
  • Physics Physics 320 – Classical Physics 3 cr. 
Required Elective Courses:
  • A total of an additional 11 credits from the following list of UW Oshkosh physics courses:
  • Physics 203 – Introduction to Astrophysics 3 cr.
  • Physics 305 – Electronic Circuits and Devices 3 cr.
  • Physics 307 – Physical Optics 3 cr.
  • Physics 310 – Stellar Structure & Evol. OR Physics 313 – Galaxies & Star Formation 3 cr.
  • Physics 311 – Digital Instrumentation 3 cr.
  • Physics 319 – Digital Signal Processing 3 cr.
  • Physics 322 – Physics Lab II 2 cr.
  • Physics 408 – Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics 3 cr.
  • Physics 417 – Electricity and Magnetism 3 cr.
  • Physics 419 – Introductory Quantum Mechanics 3 cr.
  • Physics 451 – Special Topics in Physics 3 cr.
  • Physics 491 – Senior Research Project 1-4 cr.
  • •Total Physics credits required 29 cr.
Additional Requirements:

• A minimum of 30 credits applied to the degree must be   earned in UW Oshkosh courses.

• Within the course credits transferred back from the     destination engineering school to UW Oshkosh there   must be:

  • Sufficient approved upper division physics and engineering courses for the student to have at least 36 credits in physics and engineering courses, including the required 29 credits of UW Oshkosh physics courses listed above.
  • Sufficient credits to meet the required minimum total of 120 credits and the 35 upper division credits required for graduation at UW Oshkosh.

• The B.S. degree with a major in physics will be awarded after the student has transferred the necessary courses from UW Milwaukee and has met the requirements for a UW Oshkosh B.S. degree including the University Studies Program (general education program) and the requirements for the physics major specified above.

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