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Engineering 3+2 Program

We offer a physics and engineering dual degree emphasis, which is recommended for students who seek both Bachelor of Science in physics and Bachelor of engineering degrees. The information below delineates the required courses needed to complete a physics major at UW Oshkosh, transfer to either UW Madison or the University of Minnesota, and complete an engineering major. 

Students in the dual degree program receive both a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in physics from UW Oshkosh and a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in a selected engineering field from UW Madison or the University of Minnesota. 


Degree Requirements

  • Meet the course requirements for general education and for a Bachelor of Science degree in the College of Letters and Science. 
  • Meet the grade point average requirements of UW Oshkosh with regard to general education courses and courses taken in physics at UW Oshkosh. 
  • Meet the UW Oshkosh requirement for 35 upper level course credits. (Courses designated as upper level by the engineering school to which the student has transferred will be included in the upper level credit count to meet the UW Oshkosh requirement). 
  • Normally, students will complete about 84 credits at UW Oshkosh before transferring to their engineering school of choice. If a student transfers courses in to UW Oshkosh, the student will still be required to complete 30 credits of UW Oshkosh courses to qualify for the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in physics from UW Oshkosh. 
  • The UW Oshkosh residency requirement stating that 15 of the student's last 30 credits must be taken at UW Oshkosh will be waived for these students. 


Additional Explanation

Completion of the program will normally take five years (or more), three at UW Oshkosh to complete the physics major and the College of Letters and Science Bachelor of Science requirements, and an additional two (or more) at the engineering school of choice to complete the requirements for the degree in engineering. 


Required Courses

  • Physics: Physics/Astronomy 109 General Physics I 5 cr. 
  • Physics: Physics/Astronomy 110 General Physics II 5 cr. 
  • Physics: Physics/Astronomy 206 Modern Physics 3 cr. 
  • Physics: Physics/Astronomy 222 Physics Laboratory I 2 cr. 
  • Mathematics: Mathematics 171 Calculus I 4 cr. 
  • Mathematics: Mathematics 172 Calculus II 4 cr. 
  • Mathematics: Mathematics 273 Calculus III 4 cr. 
  • Mathematics: Mathematics 256 Introduction to Linear Mathematics 3 cr. 
  • Mathematics: Mathematics 371 Differential Equations 3 cr. 
  • (or Combined Linear Algebra/Differential Equations course from the destination engineering school.) 
  • Total math credits required (from UW Oshkosh or equivalent), including math courses listed in the required core above: 3 to 5 courses: 12-18 cr. 
  • Chemistry: Chemistry 105 General Chemistry I 5 cr. 
  • Physics: Physics 320 or Physics 201 and 202 (the equivalent) may be taken at the destination engineering school. 
  • Additional UW Oshkosh physics courses (total 11 credits) from the following list: Physics 305, 307, 311, 319, 322, 408, 417, 419, 451, 491. 
  • Total minimum physics and engineering credits from UW Oshkosh as stated above: 26 crs. 
  • Courses required from UW Oshkosh: 30 crs. minimum 


Within the course credits transferred back from the destination engineering school to UW Oshkosh, there must be: 

  • Sufficient approved upper division engineering and physics course fro the student to have at least 36 credits in physics and engineering courses, including the minimum 26 UW Oshkosh physics credits listed above. 
  • Sufficient credits to meet the required total of 120 credits and the 35 upper division credits required for graduation at UW Oshkosh. 


The Bachelor of Science degree with the physics major will be awarded as soon as the student has transferred the needed courses from the destination engineering school and has met the requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree from UW Oshkosh and the requirements for the physics major specified above. 

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