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Program Overview

The UW Oshkosh Physics-Engineering Dual Degree Program leads to two degrees: 
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  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree with a major in physics from UW Oshkoshuw milw logo
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Engineering from the University of Wisconsin Madison or University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

The total length time to attain both degrees is expected to be 5 years, without approximately 3 years at UW Oshkosh and approximately 2 years at the partner institution. Students must meet certain minimum requirements to be selected for entrance into the engineering portion of the program. 

Degree Requirements 

In addition to all USP (general education) courses, dual degree students must take:

Physics 109 and 110 – General Physics, 10 cr.
Physics 206 – Modern Physics, 3 cr.
Physics 222 – Physics Lab I, 2 cr.
Math 171, 172, 273, 371 – Calculus I-III, Differential Equations, 15 cr
Chemistry 105,106 – General Chemistry I-II, 10 cr.
Physics Physics 320 – Classical Physics, 3 cr.

Additionally, student must take eleven (11) elective credits of upper-level physics (must include either Physics 417 or 419). Note: The five-year plan assumes Physics 109 and 110 are taken during the student's freshmen year. 

For complete details, see the current 

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