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UW Oshkosh Astronomy Minor

Students with the 22-credit minor in astronomy at UW Oshkosh learn about astronomy and astrophysics, gain basic observational techniques, learn about stellar structure and evolution, galaxies, interstellar matter and star formation. 

About the 22-credit minor

Required courses:
  • General Physics I (82-109)—5 credits
  • General Physics II (82-110)—5 credits
  • An Introduction to Astophysics (82-203)—3 credits
  • Stellar Structure and Evolution (82-310)—3 credits
  • Galaxies, the Interstellar Medium and Star Formation (82-313)—3 credits
View course descriptions for required astronomy minor courses
  • Modern Physics (82-206) or any 300 or 400-level physics course
  • Organic Chemistry I (32-235)—3 credits
  • Organic Chemistry II (32-335)—3 credits
  • Analytical Chemistry I (32-311)—4 credits
  • Geophysics and Geotectonics (51-326)—3 credits

Contact the Astronomy Minor Faculty and Staff

Nadia Kaltcheva 
Professor and Chair
Office: Halsey 354 
Phone: (920) 424-7107 
  Barton Pritzl
Assistant Professor 
Office: Halsey 355 
Phone: (920) 424-7108 
David Miles
Academic Dept. Associate
Office: Halsey 337
Phone: (920) 424-4433
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