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About Us

Department overview

The Department of Physics/Astronomy consists of give five faculty members, two instructional academic staff, one instrumentalist, and an Academic Department Associate. Faculty currently have active research programs in astrophysics, surface physics, physics education, history of physics, nanofibers, and infrared and magneto-optical spectroscopy of exotic materials. 

Research facilities

On-campus facilities include an astronomy laboratory, surface physics laboratory, nanotechnology laboratory, three digital and analog electronics laboratories, student computer lab, and a machine shop.

Academic programs

The department offers a choice of three physics major emphasesL

  • Professional emphasis
  • Applied physics
  • Secondary education emphasis

The Department also offers

  • Physics-Engineering Dual Degree (UW Milwaukee)
  • Physics Minor
  • Astronomy Minor

For more information about these programs, view the Majors and Minors Web page.

Careers in physics and astronomy: From here you can go anywhere...

Recent graduates have been accepted into the Georgia Institute of Technology, Minnesota State University, San Francisco State University, University of California Santa Cruz, University of Colorado, University of Florida, and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Learn about careers in physics, who's hiring, and more from the American Institute of Physics.


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