Welcome Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin agencies, students and faculty!

A special welcome is extended to Minnesota and Michigan Nursing Students and Faculty. As neighboring states we share much more than weather! Nursing students in each states have been providing valuable projects for the populations they encounter throughout our states. With this new collaborative, Minnesota and Michigan will be adding projects to the database.


This website contains descriptions of projects completed by nursing students in community/public health nursing clinical. These descriptions are meant to help you develop student projects that will benefit students and public/community health agencies. By sharing details of your own projects you can help build a database that will help students and agencies build upon your experience. Thank you for participating!


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We hope that you find this website useful to gain new ideas, offer insights to others and to improve the capacity of community/public health nurses to improve the health of populations.

Purpose Statement:
Maintain a repository of community health nursing student projects to provide quality educational experiences & useful products for the benefit of students, faculty, preceptors and agencies.

• Develop & refine a repository that best serves to collect, store & share descriptions of nursing student projects in community health, based upon the Quad Council Competencies.
• Increase awareness and incorporate use of the Quad Council Competencies among students and practicing public health nurses.
• Evaluate and expand the range of student project descriptions so that all public health nursing competencies and all public health interventions are represented.

For more information: About Us

Welcome Students

Students all over the State of Wisconsin and Michigan, as well as the nation as a whole, engage in community/public health nursing projects in collaboration with agencies. Significant contributions occur from this work to benefit communities. If you have not started your project yet, you can gather ideas for potential projects by reviewing descriptions of student projects.

This database provides a site to share descriptions of your good work with others and can help you apply your knowledge of the Public Health Wheel Interventions and the Quad Council Public Health Nurse Competencies to your project. The links on the left hand side of this page can be used to review projects by competency domain or type of public health intervention.
Thank you for your participation. By sharing details of your project you are helping to improve the health in communities across the state and nation, if not the world as these are available on the World Wide Web for others to learn from.
We welcome you to enter your project here: Instructions for Adding Projects


Welcome Agencies/Preceptors

The purpose of this site is to give faculty, students and agencies a resource to share ideas on student field projects.

You can:

  • Use this site as a resource for ideas for student field project
  • Review this site to help students to identify field project ideas and to better direct students project goals and experience (students can fill in the downloadable (word document)  form, or input this project directly )
  • Highlight/showcase your agency’s work and collaborative relationships with schools of nursing by referring your stakeholders (boards of health , community partners, and county board members) to this site for documentation of  projects that benefit your local community

Identify how your agency is contributing to best practices for field site experiences for contributing to the future community/public health nursing workforce .

Welcome Faculty

The purpose of this site is to give faculty, students and agencies a resource to share ideas on student field projects. It also provides a venue for teaching about the Public Health Intervention Wheel, and the Quad Council Competencies. 
You can: 
• Use this site as a course assignment by asking students to submit their field projects (students can fill in the downloadable student submission form (Word Document), or input directly into online submission form.)
• Review the site to help students identify field project ideas
• Use the site to illustrate concrete examples of how the Quad Council Competencies and the PHN Intervention Wheel are applied to practice
• Share this site with preceptors to use as a resource for ideas for student field project ideas
As a faculty member, you will be asked to approve submission of your student’s projects in to the database. Instructions for this will be provided. This will provide some quality assurance so that projects are not posted without your knowledge and may address the possibility of repetitive projects.  In order for you to be able to approve project descriptions we ask for you to sign up below so you can obtain administrator rights.

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A Collaborative effort to expand the Website Use is forged between Faculty at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and the Michigan Public Health Association (MPHA)  along with Nurse Administrator's Forum of the MALPH (Michigan Association for Local Public Health) to expand the use of the website created in Wisconsin as part of the LEAP grant. More information on the origins of the website are located here: About Us


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