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Maria Bady

After presenting a paper at the Wisconsin Philosophical Association conference in Madison last April, Maria graduated May 2014 with her second degree: a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy...

Maria writes: "I am from Appleton, WI and just graduated (in May 2014) with a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy.  I previously earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from UWO, but shortly after graduating with this degree I decided I was missing something.  I went back to school and discovered that it was Philosophy.

The best things I have done here at UW Oshkosh have been to major in Philosophy and to work as a Peer Educator/Intern with Campus for Awareness and Relationship Education (CARE).   I've been with CARE for the past year, and through this internship I have been able to apply the skills I learned by doing philosophy to a variety of work.  I highly encourage other philosophers to apply to this internship so they can put their skills to use in an important and meaningful way!  One highlight of this internship was that I wrote a philosophical paper which makes an argument against using the word 'rape' as slang.  I presented this paper at CARE's #rapeisnotajoke event and at the 2014 Wisconsin Philosophical Association conference.  With Dr. Herzberg's guidance, I hope to publish a revised version in the Oshkosh Scholar.  In addition to being a Peer Educator with CARE, I have also been an Oshkosh Student Association Assembly Representative and I've been active in the Philosophy Club.  I am very grateful and honored to have been awarded the 2014 Socratic Award, alongside my fellow student Joseph Schoening.

Following graduation, I hope to obtain a position as a Community/Campus Educator or a Victim Advocate - or really any position that involves sexual assault prevention, education, advocacy, or outreach.  I am also spearheading a plan to bring the Monument Quilt Tour to the Fox Cities in August of 2014.  In a few years I may consider applying to graduate school in Philosophy and, if I do, I would wish to focus on ethics and 20th century continental philosophy.  A dream of mine is to publish literary philosophy (especially philosophical children's books) and also to establish a center for philosophy in which children and adults can come to do philosophy in a non-academic setting."

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