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Closed Section Policy

If you wish to enroll in a section of a philosophy course that has been closed on Titan Web, please contact the instructor of the class.

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Philosophy Club

Anyone interested is invited to attend and participate!

The Philosophy Club is a gathering place to discuss, argue and explore questions in an entirely informal setting. The club also sponsors speakers from the campus, as well as philosophers from other universities.

We have completed our Spring 2016 series; our next meetings will begin in the fall semester, place and time TBD.

Topics from Spring 2016:

  • Feb 10 - organizational meeting, followed by an ad hoc discussion of vegetarianism
  • Feb 17 - discussion: "Who or What Creates Morality?"
  • Feb 24 - discussion: "Ascribing Power to Words: Profanity, Slurs, and Holy Names"
  • Mar 2 - guest presentation by Dr. Robert Feldman (English): "Shirley Jackson's 'The Lottery': Could it Happen Here?"
  • Mar 9 - discussion: "The Rationality of Life-Altering Decisions"
  • Mar 16 - discussion: "The Values Behind Liberalism and Conservativism".
  • Mar 30 - discussion: "Is There a Difference Between Art and Science?"
  • Apr 4 - guest presentation by Drs. Dennis Rioux and Bart Pritzl (Physics & Astronomy): "Relativity, Spacetime, and Waves".
  • Apr 13 - discussion: "Is It Immoral to Use Psychoactive Drugs?"
  • Apr 20 - discussion: "Do Mathematical Objects Exist?"
  • Apr 27 - guest presentation by Dr. David Gilboa (Philosophy): "Qualitative Hedonism: Are Some Pleasures Better than Others?"
  • May 4 - discussion: "The Definition and Merits of Feminism"

If you wish to be notified by email about the time, place and topic of future meetings, join the Philclub email list.

For more information, or if you are a faculty member who would like to volunteer a guest presentation, please contact:

Evan Williams, Ph.D.
Office: Radford 319
Phone: (920) 424-1367

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