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Meet the "New" Philosophy Capstone (PHIL 475)

The Philosophy Capstone course (PHIL 475), required of all Philosophy Majors, used to be a 3-credit course. Now it's a 1-credit course taken in combination with any 300- or 400-level course of the student's choosing...

Students enrolled in PHIL 475 will still do advanced, independent research, and sum up that research by writing a 10-15 page paper. However, they will now do their research in the context of whatever 300- or 400-level course they choose to combine with 475. Their research topic must be selected in consultation with that course's instructor, and should be related to that course's primary content. At the end of the Spring semester, all students enrolled in PHIL 475 during the academic year will meet at a celebratory Capstone dinner (funded by the Philosophy Department), where they will share their work with other students and faculty.

This change in the Philosophy Capstone course is meant to allow students maximum flexibility in arranging their schedules, while retaining all the best aspects of the Capstone experience! It also added one credit to the number required for the major (from 33 to 34), but without increasing the time to completion of the major, since 475 and the elective course to which it is attached are taken at the same time!

If you have any questions or comments about this change, please contact Dr. Herzberg (the department Chair), at

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